03 Sep 2020

Sovryn should be more than just decentralized; it should be easy and fun to use. You can play an important role in creating that reality. Please help us test the system and get the inside-scoop on how Sovryn works before everyone else!

Because the system is on testnet, it is still a bit clunky to use. Below you will find instructions on how to get started. Please give us your feedback, not just on the system, but on the instructions too. The Sovryn community is eager to help solve any problems. The best place for this is the #feedback-and-user-testing channel in the Sovryn discord.

Ok, let’s get started…

Get Testnet Tokens

Step 1: Download Metamask. First you will need a Web3 wallet. For testnet we only support Metamask, but we will be supporting more options for the mainnet release.

Step 2: Configure Metamask for RSK testnet. Click on “Main Ethereum Network” at the top of the widget. In the dialog that opens up, scroll down to “Custom RPC”.

Metamask interface Metamask configuration

In the configuration page for the Custom RSPC, enter these parameters:

Field Value
Network Name Rsk Testnet
New RPC URL https://public-node.testnet.rsk.co
Chain Id 31
Block Explorer URL https://explorer.testnet.rsk.co

Step 3: Add SUSD and RBTC tokens. Scroll down in metamask to “Add Token”. Select “Custom Token” and add the following details:

Token Contract Address: 0xE631653c4Dc6Fb98192b950BA0b598f90FA18B3E
Token Symbol: SUSD

Token Contract Address: 0xE53d858A78D884659BF6955Ea43CBA67c0Ae293F
Token Symbol: RBTC

RBTC with Metamask Add Custom Tokens

Step 4: Charge Wallet with TRBTC. Go to the RSK testnet faucet. Enter your account address, and click “Get test RBTC”

Step 5: Charge wallet with SUSD and RBTC. Go to the Sovryn Faucet. Enter your account address and click send on both tokens. You will need to approve the transactions in metamask.

Step 6: Awesome, you are almost done! Go to the Sovryn testnet UI to get started.


Click into the Trading section, to begin making margin trades. You can take long or short positions. Try creating a few positions and cancelling them. Try setting up some positions as if they were real and see how profitable a treder you could be.

Trade page screenshot


Lending Click into the lending section to begin super-stacking. Lend either BTC or USD. Try putting in a position large enough to change the APR, like any good whale. Try withdrawing your funds at a profit.

Lend page screenshot

Give us feedback!

Please tell us about your experience. What worked? What didn’t? Was it easy to use? How can we improve the system or the interface?

Please email us or pop into the discord to give us a piece of your mind.